Award-winning Irish singer/songwriter Lee Matthews is a well-known name on the Irish music scene. In more recent time's Lee has become a popular figure in Country Music, having great success with several Number 1 albums and singles to his name. 

In the past, Lee, a member of a boyband, shared the stage with the likes of Westlife, McFly, The Sugababes, and with a post-pop solo career, even recorded a video and song with Snoop Dogg and American R&B pop star Iyaz. 


Over the past seven years, Lee, with his young, energetic five-piece band, has become one of the most sought after acts for festivals and events across the country and beyond; playing a variety of music including all the country hits like "The Farmer Wants A Wife" which Lee performed live with his band on the "Late Late Show" in 2017. Lee's growing Youtube and Spotify Streaming fanbase tells a story on its own with tens of millions of views and streams combined, making Lee one off if not the most streamed Country Artist in Ireland for Self Penned Original Songs.


In 2018 Lee Matthews released his exciting album "Then and Now." The album was a great success reaching the top spot on the official UK and Ireland country charts. With the main self-penned track "Marie," Lee had written another signature sing-along radio-friendly hit. The song gained rave reviews and frequent radio plays from local and national radio. With a unique music video to accompany the track, it was regularly shown on the country music channels across Ireland and the UK. 


Until last year, Lee was regularly touring and had many live shows and major festivals that unfortunately had to be postponed or cancelled. As the Covid pandemic took hold, this was the knock-on effect for everyone in the entertainment business. Lee, like many musicians, has struggled with the covid pandemic's effect on the industry and was concerned when or even if he would be able to release new music again. Being a singer-songwriter, he continued to work on new material and write songs hoping that the day would come when he could get back to doing what he knows best. Thankfully, with a little light at the end of the tunnel, The Northern Ireland Arts council offered help for artists like Lee by funding the release of new material. Lee has been putting the opportunity to good use and has been back in the studio recording several exciting new songs.